About us

About Us

When Global Scientific Instrument, Inc. was formed more than 15 years ago, we immediately began providing the highest quality service, sales and support in the industry. What we have learned along the way is that never being quite satisfied is the best to make sure we exceed our goals while also growing them every year. And while the world of laboratory instruments has changed, we're still exceeding the goals of unparalleled service and customer satisfaction. For example, we recently added our Clinical Dealership and expanded the scope of our 17025 accreditation.

What we're most proud of is our staff comprised of extremely talented, highly educated people who have many years of experience. They're the ultimate reason that we provide the best possible support before and after the sale or service.

Our clients come from research, clinical, educational, manufacturing, and bio-medical disciplines, who work in hospitals, universities, medical schools, clinics, surgical suites and manufacturing facilities.

Global Scientific Instrument, Inc. covers the New England and New York regions. Our factory trained sales and technical representatives make onsite calls and provide over-the-phone or by-web consultations. Give us a call, we're ready to help.


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