Equipment Rental


Equipment Rental for Short and Long term Needs

We offer a large array of equipment that is available to meet any demands. Below is some of our equipment inventory that allows us to better serve our customer in a faster more efficient way. Our trained technician’s set-up, calibrate and make any adjustments necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Call us at 508-839-1888. Allow us to better serve you.

We rent to medical, laboratory, industrial, and commercial applications for inventory, conferences, teaching, and seminars.

We Rent
  • Microscope
  • Video equipment
  • Television
  • HD projection monitor
  • Camera
  • Analytical Scales (.01mg)
  • Bench top Scales
  • Counting scales
  • Platform Scales Up to 10,000 LB
  • Dual platform counting scale
We also rent other equipment. Please inquire with specifics.


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